New Experience in Driving

A day came when a light glowed in me  to drive car after one year of purchasing it. Do u think I was inspired by seeing others driving ?? No me lazy felow only for a moment will think of learning when a car driven by a girl crosses me after then will never sit on the driver seat .. The thing which switched on my light was distance to office from home was increased to 11km from 2 km. Will I wish to drive two wheeler in hot sun ?? Will i wake up soon and reach office early ?? No Not at all if that happens its my mum who will be the happiest person in the world 😉

First day taking car to office with two instructor to instruct me to drive without harming anyone who comes on sides ;). From home I have to drive 2 kilometer to reach the main road until then i can drive happily considering its my road. There comes a signal on the junction to the main road where the road will be little steep. Before reaching the signal my mind started to think about how am going to manage the slope if  am the firt person to stop the vehicle in signal that even in slope.. ohh god if it happened so.. what will be my pressure.. how i will start .. if i leave the brake.. vehicle goes back .. people behind me will keep on horning .. all things together made me tensed but a smile on my face and sought of peace was there on seeing some vehicle standing before me in the signal .. Thanks god got espaced .. Then there was a smooth driving as I did not cross more than 50km/hour and no overtakes .. But that happy did not last for more .. There comes a flyover have to cross it .. Think if traffic is there have to move slowly in slope .. Ohh how much this small one can manage or handle 😉 . Need not want to take risk , took another road where I can escape from the test and drive with no tension.  On nearing the office again have to cross a  signal .. This one  does not threaten with any slope but vehicles move icnch by inch .. Here I have to drive slowly put brake and press cluth so that vehicle is not off’d . Think how the persons in hurry will react if i stoped the vehicle and gets tensed in starting the vehicle and hence delaying … Irespective of my thought was able to manange the signal without any problem. Then was happy that i could manage driving well in chennai traffic ;). Reached office safely. Have to thank those two instructor who helped me in driving smootly and safely.

Next day with all enthu descided to drive in flyover which i had fear to do on  the previous day. But there was big test waiting for my will power yes the traffic was heavy and vehicle was standing in the slope of flyover too. No other go have to wait in slope when vehicle started to move was not able to start my vehicle … its moving back am just saying “come on its moving back dunno what to do” . By the time the vehicle behind me started to horn .. Ohh god I must not have choosed this path .. Person along with me insrtucting never worry about others just press on brake lightly and start the car by giving accelerator .. No cant am unable to start … By the time vehicle behind me started to overtake me .. Guess they noted “A girl driving and sure it will take time” 😀 and they must also have scolded me “If want to learn come and learn when there is no traffic why do u people learn in peak hours??”  . With all hope somehow managed to start and move .. Realy the moment I felt very relaxed.

For one week i descided not to take one more risk on driving in slope. But one or someday I have to learn driving in slope. So descided to drive in slope and finaly learnt to drive. And now I could manage driving car happily.

Happy Driving ………….. Safe Driving …………


Ohh me driving four wheeler !!!

Five years before learnt to drive four wheeler to get license for two wheeler. What a radical person Am I ;). At that time was having only scooty. First time in my life going to drive scooty that even in chennai. Ohh chennai heavy traffic how a learner can drive … yes i have driven with no guide . Nothing to be surprised there just 1 km from my home to office that even not in main road :D. From the day i started to learn myself. Felt proud of me that havent put scratch in my bike even once. As days pass by i changed my route to office via main road where i  have to cross many vehicle so i could learn. My drving distance was just 2 km daily. Got confident. Got chance to drive long distance compared to my daily journey .. yes driven my bike to mount road with my dad as pillion rider. Ohh it wass realy awesome. Days passed , I got tensed over people who drive bike slowly with no road sense. Thought and feeling so high that am driving far better than few men being a women.

Happy and safe driving continued. One fine morning on the way to office  i took u turn and have to  take left,  a tempo travel which was standing did not notice me taking left started to move and hit me. Shocked and as it was unexpected fell down and got hurt in my knee. Unable to get up was just sitting as such in the road. Tried up but was no use. I noticed a familiar face approaching me . Felt safe and peace. Then was taken to nearby hospital and got 7 stiches in knee. Where does my pride goes???  Still i can be proud that havent done mistake while driving as the mistake was on the other party :D.

And now my next step in driving. yes have started driving four wheeler.  My first thought when i started driving was still am not perfect in driving as distance calculation and road judgement is missing . Dunno when i drove scooty i felt, am a perfect driver as was able to drive perfectly but now there is some lagging . Is it my mind thinks as car as a big objecct , have to drive with caution or it may be due to my first exp with gear changing as scooty is gearless 😀 .Whatever it might be , have started driving car happily and enjoying it. My car exp will come up in my next post.

And here goes my question will there be any difference in boys and girls road judgement . Will we girls will take time to calculate the distance ??? Its our lazyness to learn it ?? But we girls always keep rocking on driving as we drive slow and no harm 😀

Sunday visit to vellore ……….

Recently planned to execute my long plan of visiting vellore which is around 145 kilometer from chennai. It was fine sunday, something different with usual sunday getting up late and taking rest the entire day as though worked so hard for a week , woke up early and started geting ready to start to vellore around 10 AM ( do u like to questio​n me is  this early??? Wink)

Our main visit to vellore was to see the Golden Temple. ​Imagine gold glittering in rays of light when sun departs and moon arrives … What an awesome view it is ….​ So we planned to visit the temple around 7 PM. So occupied the time by visiting the temple and fort in kanchi and vellore.

We went to ​ULAGALANDHA PERUMAL temple in kanchipuram , where the ​Idol of lord vishnu is around 35 feet in height with his hands stretched and with his left leg stretched high whereas his right leg rest over mahabali. Want to know more abt this temple u can get it here​.

After the darshan of perumal, we started to vellore fort.. ​We reached there around 1.30 PM had our lunch and started to go around the Fort .. .. We expected there to be a palace and kings ornaments and things used by him to be displayed in museum, But there was collection of coins and currency, sculptures, swords and few dresses(for sample …) in museum , no palace.Think they started to maintain and develop the museum based on the visit of the people coming. As a person was requesting to put an entry in a notebook .. hope to get the head count of per day’s visit. U all know there will be a moat around the port which will be filled up by the water and now its used for boating … . There was a temple inside the fort. the temple was dedicated to Jalagandeeswar. The temple sculptures shows the craftsmanship ​ of the artist . There was an porch at the entrance of the temple which had an wonderful and awesome sculptures in it. Really u have to visit and those are realy so artistic and makes us to admire. We really loved it ..​ Heard that recently only they started to maintain the fort.. Feel thanks to the government and pleads them to continue taking care of these monuments ..​ Which are our assets..

Finally we reached our destination GOLDEN TEMPLE around 5 PM. Was so eager to visit .. Same as followed in many temples camera and cell phone’s were not allowed and free darshan, quick darshan seperation was there …​ We heard that it will take around 2 hours to come around the temple never minded of walk. With all anxious we started ahead … Woww the passage to the temple was in the shape of star around the temple .. where we can see the temple in all direction and enjoy the artistic work and also the both side of passage will look green with fresh air. Its Eco-friendly…. We can see Mahalakshmi Goddess in this temple. On the whole we can say it as spiritual park. As times goes they put on light it was really mindblowing on seeing the gold gopuram shining.​ Imagine now a days​ temples are crowded during special day or on leave  we just push each other and with tense we worship god… quite opposite is golden temple we can have a peace walk and have mind free darshan of goddess​ …

Overall the trip was enjoyable Smile SmileSmile . Don’t miss to visit GOLDEN TEMPLE.

Don’t Waste Food

Few days before me ,my cousin and her kid  went out to have a chit chat with some chat items. ​ me and my cousin ordered our favorite dish pani puri and bhel puri.​ Her kid was 4 years old. He just wanted to have an ice cream and had as his wish. When the bowl was half finished my cousin was unable to eat and we thought of just leaving the food and to start (of course after paying the bill laughing). All of a sudden he said to his mum he will have it and started to have it and completed. The guy who said no need while we started have completed the dish without wasting. Was really ashamed on seeing him. From the day i decided not to waste food, As previously i order things though am unable to eat for just tasting and giving to someone.A 4 year kid have thought not to waste food why not  the elder one….

Pals, there are many in the world who die on prolonged lack of food. So why don’t we take resolution not to waste food, though we are unable to help them. So while ordering or preparing food why don’t we think of those poor guys and prepare things which are sufficient for us or just pack the things which are more than our need and give it to the person who are really starving(not the street beggars).

Do the positions of Celestial bodies rule us?​​

Have anyone noted TV  channels telecasting program related to Astrology where many astrologers spread their brand wink ??  You can watch this type of programs daily either in morning or night. In this advanced century why does TV channels telecast such type of program??  ​Are they spreading useful info among the people? The same episode is repeated daily.I see my mum seeing those telecast and speaking great abt those astrologers and​ argue for their side frown

They say that planets positions are the reason for our ups and downs in our life. If we wear the rings or what ever they sell ,we can make our life happier and successful one  as  the planets power can be reduced or increased based on that . Is their prediction is right?

I see people saying that their daughter’s got married after they followed wht those astrologer’s said. Funny part is ,one lady was saying her son did his surgeon only after consulting and following things persuaded by them.Lot of stories ………

All those things are really happened because ​of reducing the effect of planets??? If its not true then why such a powerful media spreads those information among the common people ??? If its not true then why many people go in search of  those astrologers????

I Want to be the one among the richest person in India ….. Will i achieve my goal if i just go to those astrologers and follow their words???

Do they use the people weakness  and ​earn money???

When will we wake up and put our efforts and change our fate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????

Rain Rain Go Away …….

My first post starts here……..

Do u like the shower opened by nature ?  If it’s the question asked to people of all ages wht will be the reply???

The enjoyable part of the shower is when they left opened such that they fall in drops ,where many love enjoying  a short walk or bike/bi-cycle ride.Which i too enjoyed few years before which was one of my chill moment i can never forget in my life. Feard of fevers and cold i was never allowed to feel or enjoy the drizzle when I was young.

Such a beautiful drops of water when opened in huge spoils the mood of many and their consequences are also worst frown .

The roads gets filled up with water which makes the life harder for the people who travel by bike to their office. The condition becomes gets worst in cities where the sewage gets filled up and gets mixed with rain water. How come people can come out of their house for their needs to be fulfilled. Here the nature gets cursed. Ohh is it nature’s mistake??? If government have put proper roads and maintained  it properly then why there is gng to accidents in roads. They can ride their bike without fear of diggs in roads. If proper drainage system is there why does drainage water gets mixed up. Is it the mistake of nature???? When they put patches for the road when a minister or any political leader visits a place why cant they do it for the welfare of people who pay their taxes properly???  Wht is the case if the roads and houses are build or approved in such a way that rain water does not get stagnated???

Ohh whats the condition of farmers??? They are the one who are really affected ​, Even the person who go for office manage to go to office by bus there by avoiding the bike travel. But for them their hard work for few moths gets spoiled where their returns also gets spoiled.Ohh there the nature gets cursed. How we safeguard our self by putting either rain coat or having umbrella, is there a way a farmer can protest their harvested land from rain???? If so they too can enjoy the rain.

Ohh whats up with the children???? ​Hurrayyyy , the schools have declared  leave today. ​One more sunday for them laughing . The most luckiest fellow’s who always wait for this shower and who wants the huge shower.

Inspite of all this … Hope everyone enjoys having a warm sleep and hot snacks during this shower. Am the person one among that. Happy eating and sleeping in these rainy days laughing